This year E.T.S.V. Scintilla organises a symposium. The theme of this symposium will be “City of the Future”. During the symposium there will be several presentations, cases and a company fair. Sign up and join us on the 4th of October, 2017!

City of the Future

Almost half of the world’s population currently lives in cities, and more people are projected to live in cities in the future. Imagine a city of the future. Will they be sustainable, connected and smart? Electrical Engineering can make a difference in all these aspects. New technologies will shape the future, new products are being developed regularly and with them new problems are introduced. Imagine our hospitals and the healthcare with the introduction of robots, our transport with the introduction of self driving cars, our devices which are more and more connected to the internet, and think about the energy consumption in all these devices. How will all these effect our life in the future, how will they shape our cities?


Richard van Heijningen, host of symposium "City of the Future" by E.T.S.V Scintilla

Richard van Heijningen was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1957. He received a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen and specialized in distribution of Electrical Energy. After a short period with the company ABB in Rotterdam he stepped over to Royal Philips and worked a long period for several business units in the lighting industry. Richard worked in the Dutch sales organization, global product management and International Key Account Management. This gave him the opportunity to always work with front end technologies and to combine that with business opportunities and customer contacts.

Richard very much likes to understand new technologies which can help to innovate and bring value for customers and end users. He was heavily involved with upcoming electronics in the lighting industry, with making consumer products connected and now experiencing the digitalization of the healthcare industry. New technologies are key but only really interesting for a business if it can bring more value to the end user and improve people lives which a benefit for the whole society.

The subject “Future City” brings many things together. It’s clear global trend that cities are growing and that there is a great need to improve way of living and at the same time minimizing the environmental consequences. For Richard van Heijningen it is beyond dispute that technology and innovation will help us but the question is how and for which need and application.

He is now working as Key Account Manager for Philips Research on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and involved with special projects for early development and new technologies. These projects are for several business units within the Philips Healthcare domain and companies outside of Royal Philips.

Richard is a member of IEEE and KIVI (The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers). For KIVI he has been active for many years organizing lectures, visits and symposia. Richard is now chairing the Electrical Engineering department for KIVI since 2016.